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  • 🐐🚤 A man, a boat, and a goat walk into a chatbot... Is AI really “intelligent”?

🐐🚤 A man, a boat, and a goat walk into a chatbot... Is AI really “intelligent”?

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Hey there Explorers!

Ever wondered how a chatbot fares against a classic brainteaser? Find out below, but here’s a spoiler: It's not looking good for the bots! Plus, discover Bill Gates' latest AI must-read, the AI that can finally catch your sarcasm, the voice actors fighting back against AI clones, Forward's futuristic "Doc-in-a-Box" solution that’s looking to disrupt the healthcare system, and much more.

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🧩🚤🐐 A man, a boat, and a goat walk into a chatbot... | Is AI really “intelligent”? When asked a simple puzzle involving a man, a goat, and a boat, ChatGPT and other LLMs flounder, revealing their fundamental inability to understand logical reasoning. This insightful experiment underscores the limitations of AI in grasping the essence of human intelligence. Maybe this is proof that we’re safe - at least a little longer!

📖 Bill Gates thinks you should read this book | Microsoft’s cofounder and renowned bookworm took to social media to share his latest book recommendation. The book by Khan Academy founder Salman Khan, charts how advances in AI will transform education and offers a guidebook for teachers, parents, and students to navigate changes in this "new world"

🤫 AI is ready to spill the beans on your passwords | During tests led by a software company called Immersive Labs, users of various technical skill levels succeeded in tricking a chatbot to hand over secret information, including passwords. Oops! 😬

🦹🏼‍♂️ Criminals are using AI too | Generative AI has made phishing, scamming, and doxxing easier than ever. Here are five ways criminals are using AI to make their jobs easier and more profitable.

😑 Are you being sarcastic??? This AI can tell | Researchers say their new algorithm trained on a database of ‘Friends’ TV show clips can detect sarcasm 75% of the time. Awesome, because who doesn't need an AI to detect the obvious? 🙃

🗣️ Hey! That’s my voice! Give it back! | Two voice actors are suing an AI startup, accusing the company of illegally copying their voices and using them without permission in its AI voiceover technology. Do you know where your voice is?

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Can you put a doctor’s office in a box and make them free for people to use? That’s what Forward is gearing up to do with CarePod

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