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  • AI superintelligence? 🍺 Hold my beer! How about robots with real human brain cells?

AI superintelligence? 🍺 Hold my beer! How about robots with real human brain cells?

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Hey there, Explorers!

While everyone has been busy talking about AI, robots have been hustling behind the scenes so as not to be left behind. This week, we’re seeing huge leaps forward in robot technology.

From “humanizing” robots with real human brain cells and skin, to major advances in their utility—from grocery bagging, detecting cancer and potential diseases inside your body, keeping you company, and taking your wedding pictures!

Here’s what’s going on…

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🧠🤖 Robots with human brain cells? | Thanks to the open-source MetaBOC system, living brain cells integrated into organoid-on-a-chip biocomputers can now learn to control robots. This mind-blowing project envisions re-homing human brain cells into artificial robotic bodies. Terminator, Iron Man, Rosie—which robot body do you prefer?

👨‍🦲🤖 Living skin makes robots more human-like | University of Tokyo researchers have created a way to cover robots with self-healing, artificial "living" skin. This super eerie technology brings us closer to robots that can adapt to their environment and look more human. Not gonna lie… the eyes and the smile in the demo video freak us out a little!

🛒🤖 Are grocery baggers the next to go? | Nearly 40 years ago, the first self-checkout system was introduced, sparking fears for cashier jobs. Yet, four decades later, we still have cashiers. Today, MIT's grocery bagging robots are raising similar questions about the future of grocery baggers. Will they still be around in 40 years? Let’s bookmark this one…😏

❤️🤖 Don’t worry, human, you’re not alone | Robot cats, dogs, and birds are being sent out to older adults to help combat an ‘epidemic of loneliness.’ The state of New York alone has already sent out more than 31,500 robot pets and is seeing great results.

📸🤖 This robot wants you to say “Cheese!!!” | Meet Eva the Robot, an autonomous photography robot ready to add some fun to your weddings, corporate events, and parties. Should wedding photographers be worried? We don’t think so just yet, but Eva is sure to steal a few smiles!

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Would you swallow a micro-robot? 

In a gutsy LIVE demo, physician Vivek Kumbhari navigates Pillbot, a wireless, disposable robot swallowed onstage by engineer Alex Luebke. This groundbreaking technology can quickly provide direct visualization of internal organs and is just a preview of how micro-robots could move us past the age of invasive endoscopies and open up doors to more comfortable, affordable medical imaging.


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