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  • 🛸 Are aliens among us? Your barista could be one of them

🛸 Are aliens among us? Your barista could be one of them

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Hey there, Explorers!

Ready to have your mind blown? This week’s tech roundup is packed with jaw-dropping stories you won’t believe!

From Apple’s AI upgrade giving Siri a brain boost to Harvard scientists hinting at aliens among us (your barista might have some secrets 👽☕️). We’ve got AI candidates running for Parliament, the nuclear power race to fuel AI, robots that can “feel,” and explore how AI is revolutionizing everything—from managing contracts to creating chart-topping hits.

Grab your popcorn, this is going to be a wild one! 🍿

🗞️ TECH & TRENDS | News & More

🍎 Siri's brain boost thanks to Artificial Apple Intelligence | Earlier this week, Apple introduced 'Apple Intelligence'—a major AI upgrade for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Imagine a Siri that’s smarter and powered by ChatGPT, offering AI-crafted emojis, intelligent email sorting, auto-generated photo edits, and a whole lot more. It looks like our Apple devices are going to get a serious brain boost later this year! 📱🤖

🛸 Are aliens among us? Harvard scientists think so! | A new research paper from Harvard and Montana Technological University proposes a theory that an advanced civilization—cryptoterrestrials—might be residing underground or disguising themselves as humans. Wait, what??? 👀 If true, this idea could reframe our understanding of UFO sightings and extraterrestrial life. Maybe your favorite barista is actually an alien genius 👽☕️

🇬🇧 There’s an AI Candidate Running for Parliament in the UK | As the United Kingdom heads toward its elections next month, the country is seeing its first instance of a new kind of politician: an AI candidate. If it wins, “AI Steve” will be represented by businessman Steve Endacott in Parliament. Endacott says he’ll merely be a conduit, and the AI will make the policy decisions. Would you cast your vote for an AI? 🗳️

☢️ Scotty, we need more power!!! | The future of AI depends on power. A LOT of power. Earlier this year, while speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, said the future of AI relies on major advancements in the availability of clean power. So he’s betting big on one of the startups he invested in, Helion, to get as much nuclear fusion power as his data centers need to keep ChatGPT growing.

🖐️ If a robot can “feel,” is it still a robot? | Scientists have developed electronic skin that can sense touch. Beyond the applications for therapeutic use in humans, the world’s first 3D e-skin also gives robots a human-like touching sense. The innovative skin is capable of decoding and sensing pressure, friction, and strain in real-time.

📃 Let AI manage your contracts and make you more money | It has been estimated that inefficient contracts cause firms to lose between 5% to 40% of value on any given deal. Here’s how AI is changing contracts and helping companies overcome many of the challenges of contract management.

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🎶 WE’RE GOING PLATINUM | Experimenting with AI Music

AI is making it possible for all of us to fulfill our dreams of becoming pop stars, rock stars, and DJs. Generative AI music tools like Suno are Udio allow anyone to create incredibly mindblowing songs with just a prompt.

Here’s an absolute banger we made using Suno about AI taking our jobs—🎶 We’ve got the Purple Horizons Blues 🎶 

(You’ll probably be singing this one in the shower later—we warned you! 🛀)

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