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  • 👷‍♂️ Can AI substitute for every human job? Some researchers think so....

👷‍♂️ Can AI substitute for every human job? Some researchers think so....

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Hey there Explorers!

Miami Tech Month is officially underway, and we couldn’t be more excited! There are a TON of events going on where you can get your tech on, meet incredible builders, and get a taste of what the future holds. Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of events to help you plan.

Besides that, here’s what’s going on in the world of AI and emerging tech this week…

🗞️ TECH & TRENDS | News & More

👷‍♂️ Can AI truly substitute for every human job? | Some researchers think so. They also think AI could explode the economy by as much as 30% annually in just a few years. Pretty bold prediction!

🐴 History, straight from the horse’s mouth | AI-aided virtual conversations with WWII vets are the latest feature at New Orleans museum. History class is about to get really, really interesting!

🙊 Speak No Evil | AI chatbots are being taught the art of evasion, dodging the tough questions in a world hungry for answers. But who's really controlling the conversation?

🧠 "Alexa, Read My Mind" | RAND predicts the rise of the Internet of Brains by 2050, where your thoughts become the ultimate user interface.

🗣️ I think I’ve heard that voice before… | Stephen Hawking’s famous voice belonged to this pioneering MIT scientist who was trailblazing text-to-speech systems way before AI was a “thing.”

🤖 Launch a Chatbot for your business | Our voice and conversational AI bots can help with lead generation, sales, marketing, customer support, employee onboarding, and more. Meet Vilu!

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