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  • 🕵️‍♂️ Conspiracy Theories, 🍼 AI Babies, & 🍑 Naked Truths - Pretty wild week in tech

🕵️‍♂️ Conspiracy Theories, 🍼 AI Babies, & 🍑 Naked Truths - Pretty wild week in tech

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Hey there Explorers!

If you’ve been getting our dispatches for a while, you know that a big part of our philosophy at Purple Horizons is to tinker and explore. And through our exploration journey, we’ve discovered and showcased some pretty incredible finds! (Like Airchat, which we surfaced back in November, way before all the mainstream buzz it got this past weekend)

This week is no different, touching on everything from conspiracy theorists, AIs having babies, naked X-ray vision cameras, and why being neurodivergent could be a HUGE asset to companies in an AI world.

Curious? Here’s what we’ve discovered…

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🕵️‍♂️ Were the ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ right? | The ‘Dead Internet,’ a popular theory floating around conspiracy circles for about seven or eight years now, maybe coming true because of AI… or is it?

📸 X-Ray vision? Kind of… | AI-powered camera takes pictures of people and instantly makes them naked! 🍑🍆 Conferences are about to become interesting…

🤖 When AI Meets the Spectrum | This expert argues that transformational change driven by AI will elevate neurodiversity inclusion as an organizational asset and shares why a neurodivergent team will be a golden asset in the AI workplace

🤰 By this time next year, AI’s will be having “babies” | In an interview with the New York Times, Anthropic CEO said that by next year, AI models could be able to “replicate and survive in the wild.” Yeah, we didn’t have that on our bingo cards either!

🔫 Stay away from my house, bro! | Startup pitches a paintball-armed, AI-powered home security camera - also offers a teargas pellet upgrade. This may not end well 😬

🎮 Gamers aren’t saving the world…They’re saving our guts - literally! | Millions of Borderlands 3 players have helped microbiome research. You see, mom! All those hours gaming were not in vain! 😉

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