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  • 🚑 Doctors Charging for Emails?!?, AI Nurses, and Digital Twins. Healthcare's Cool (or Scary) Tech Evolution!

🚑 Doctors Charging for Emails?!?, AI Nurses, and Digital Twins. Healthcare's Cool (or Scary) Tech Evolution!

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Hey there Explorers!

This week's dispatch is where Grey's Anatomy meets Silicon Valley! We're diving into the tech tsunami hitting healthcare, from Nvidia's AI nurses to digital twins outsmarting diabetes. It's a brave new world where your Fitbit knows more about your health than you do, and doctors might charge for emails – talk about inbox anxiety! (Hmm… How much would Dr. House charge for his emails?)

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Let’s explore how tech is transforming healthcare…

🗞️ TECH & TRENDS | News & More

🧑‍⚕️ Nvidia wants to replace nurses with AI for $9 an hour | Your health could soon be in the hands of AI-powered nurses, and they will cost your healthcare provider next to nothing. Does this mean our health insurance costs will go down? 😏

🩺 Doctors are also jumping on the AI train | They’re starting to use AI to generate clinical notes on patients automatically. But it’s not perfect. And that can be a problem… 🤔

📚 “As of my last knowledge update” | AI-generated nonsense is leaking into scientific journals, including otherworldly-sized rat penises. Will this make us dumber over time? 🐀🍆

👟 Your Fitbit is about to level-up thanks to AI | Google wants users to better understand the wellness data collected by Fitbit wearable devices. Through AI, they will offer better health analysis, recommendations, and actionable insights. Sign me up, coach! 🏋️

👀 Half of all IVs given to patients fail... This startup has a solution | They have developed tech that makes sure an IV is working properly and delivering the correct dose of medication without leaks. 💉

📩 Don’t be surprised if your doctor starts charging you $39 for email | Doctors are starting to charge for responding to email. Is it justified or just extra costs in an endless stream of medical bills? And will they use ChatGPT to write the email? 🤷🏼‍♂️

👯 Can a Digital Twin help treat diabetes? | Twin Health offers a personalized way for patients to understand their metabolism, the root cause of type 2 diabetes. Their digital twin technology uses AI to tailor treatment for each patient’s individual problems. 🩸

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