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  • 🛍️ Etsy stands up for humans, while AI ads take over

🛍️ Etsy stands up for humans, while AI ads take over

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This week, we’re exploring how specific words are revealing AI’s presence in academic papers and copy in general. We’ll also introduce you to Hero, a new app that helps you sell your stuff faster than ever. Etsy is championing the humans behind the crafts, while Volvo’s new AI-created ad, made in under a day, showcases the future of advertising. Plus, robots are enhancing human work in Japan, and a Waymo self-driving car's encounter with the police has sparked significant discussions.

Here’s what’s going on…

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🙄 Let’s “delve” into that | AI’s got a tell that’s finding its way into all kinds of papers, presentations, and emails. Words like 'delves' and 'showcases' are the linguistic fingerprints giving away ChatGPT’s ghostwriting. And those are just a couple of words that give off all sorts of GPT vibes. Who knew AI had such a big mouth?

💸 Sell stuff faster using AI | A new app called Hero uses AI vision to help you make money from the stuff you have lying around your house—automagically! It identifies items, finds the ideal price, and lists items for sale in seconds. It’s like eBay, Poshmark, or Depop, but way, way better! The app is in Beta right now, but you can sign up for early access.

🛍️ Etsy is keeping it human in an AI world | While everyone's buzzing about AI, Etsy’s new ad campaign is all about the people behind the products. They’re taking a stand against the robot and AI takeover, focusing on the real humans behind the crafts.

🪄 Some incredible AI ad magic | Imagine creating a commercial in less than 24 hours for less than 1,000x of what it would normally cost. Volvo's new ad, produced in under a day with Runway AI, showcases how dramatically AI is transforming the advertising landscape. The result? A sleek, professional commercial at a tiny fraction of the traditional cost.

🤖 Your new co-worker may be a humanoid robot | It sounds like something straight out of a futuristic Netflix series, but robots are quickly finding their way into the workplace, like a railway company in Japan that’s using a robot for track service and maintenance. But rather than replace humans, they’re augmenting humans to provide a more efficient and safe environment. Sounds like a win-win to us!

🚙 What happens when a driverless car gets pulled over? | A Waymo self-driving car got pulled over in Phoenix after running a red light and freaking out in traffic. The police officer couldn’t issue a ticket to the ghost driver (because you can’t ticket someone who’s not there, right?), but federal regulators are now on the case and considering future regulation.

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