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  • 🔥 Hot off the AI Press: Summit Insights, Policy Shifts, and the First Election of the AI Era

🔥 Hot off the AI Press: Summit Insights, Policy Shifts, and the First Election of the AI Era

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Hey there Explorers,

What a week it's been so far! We've just wrapped up at the AI Summit of the Americas at the University of Miami, and it was very inspiring!

The summit was a melting pot of ideas, with thought leaders from all walks of industry sharing their visions on how AI is reshaping our world. From healthcare to infrastructure, and even tackling the ethics of AI, the discussions weren't just about the tech—it was about the stories of transformation and the people behind them.

One moment that really stuck with us was this simple reminder: it's not the tech itself that captivates consumers but what it can do for them. Picture this: when the audience was asked if they'd used ChatGPT, hands shot up like fireworks—75% of the room! But when asked about using an LLM (Large Language Model), the sea of hands dwindled to less than 30%. It's a classic case highlighting the gap between tech jargon and its impact on real life.

The other big developments this week come as governments are rolling up their sleeves to shape the future of AI with legislation. We're talking about moves to ban AI robocalls, pivotal USPTO decisions on AI, and identifying critical emerging technologies.

Here’s what’s going on…

🗞️ TECH & TRENDS | News & More

🤔 What the hell are Human-Machine Interfaces? According to the White House, they are one of the critical and emerging technologies (CETs) that are potentially significant to U.S. national security. (Hint: You should be paying attention to everything on this list…definitely some opportunities here)

🚫🤖 Humans, Not Robots: In a groundbreaking move, the US Patent and Trademark Office has just drawn a bold line in the sand: AI systems, no matter how smart, cannot be named inventors on patents. This is a game-changer for tech innovators and businesses

🥊 Let’s get ready to rumble!!! Google Gemini Advanced vs. OpenAI ChatGPT Plus: Here's how they stack up after being put to the test (The winner may actually be all of us!)

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☎️ Hate having to call your bank or credit card company? Cambio’s AI bots can help! Not only can they call on your behalf, but they can also negotiate your outstanding debts! And now they’re helping other institutions too.

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💡 INFINITE CURIOSITY | Exploring Ideas

You didn’t think we’d leave you wondering what a Human-Machine Interface was, did you? We asked Perplexity (our favorite AI interface) what it was and this is what it gave us…

🗳️ AI’s Potential Impact on the 2024 Election

While we were exploring, one of our Explorers Club members asked us what we thought AI’s Impact would be on the 2024 election. So we asked Perplexity to help us out with this as well…


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