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⛰️ Huge Leaps Forward, Bibi, and the Power of Prompting

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Hey there Explorers,

It’s been an exciting week! We witnessed a huge leap forward in AI with the release of Anthropic’s new version of Claude, we introduced the world to Bibi, the first LIVE AI-powered panel moderator, and we held our second PromptHack build-a-thon which turned out to be amazing!

Explorers discovering the power of AI prompting

More than 20 Explorers joined us in Miami to discover the power of AI prompting in helping to build new apps, workflows, and automations. Ideas flowed, connections were made, and we all learned something new! But the most incredible part was all the ‘tinkering’ that was going on. Because it’s this willingness to experiment and try new things that will continue to push technology forward and change the world!

Here’s what else is going on…

🗞️ TECH & TRENDS | News & More

🧠🍪 That’s one smart cookie! | Anthropic launches Claude 3, the next generation of Claude. The updated AI chatbot outperforms ChatGPT and Google Gemini’s most advanced models, potentially crowning a new king in the AI world. According to them, this new model “shows us the outer limits of what’s possible with generative AI” 🤯

🗣️ What did ChatGPT say? | OpenAI adds ‘Read Aloud’ voiceover feature to ChatGPT, allowing it to speak its answers out loud 🔉

🎙️ This podcast is 100% AI-generated | Two of our favorite AI platforms, Perplexity and ElevenLabs, got together to co-host an awesome podcast for daily dives into innovation, science, and culture - in only a few minutes. (We’re pretty impressed and added it to our playlists!) 🎧

🤖 CEO replaces 700 employees with AI bots | According to Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski, these bots handled 2.3 million customer service chats last month with better-than-human results. So what does this mean for the future of work? 🤔

🦖 Are humans the next dinosaurs? | How doomsday proclamations about AI echo existential anxieties of the past. Should we panic yet? 🤷🏼‍♂️

📟 Doctors still use pagers | And no… it’s not to send each other ‘8008135’ messages (IYKYK!) It’s for a tech reason we hadn’t really thought about 🩺

📅 LET’S HANG OUT | Upcoming Events

Just because the week's ending doesn't mean the fun and excitement has to. The Explorers Club is buzzing with amazing chats, the latest tech buzz, creative sparks, and opportunities to rub elbows with leaders in entrepreneurship, marketing, and innovation. It's the spot where tomorrow's big ideas are taking shape today. Come join the community that's at the forefront of defining what's next. Jump in and be part of the movement shaping our future!

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Hope to see you soon and have an AWESOME day!

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