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  • 💡 Innovating at Warp Speed: AI's Gold Rush, Dream Streaming, and Printed Homes

💡 Innovating at Warp Speed: AI's Gold Rush, Dream Streaming, and Printed Homes

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Hey there, Innovators and Dreamers! 🌟

Things are moving fast… REALLY FAST! 💨 It’s not even been a year since Chat-GPT launched publicly, and the innovation and disruption we’re seeing is unbelievable. That's the speed of today’s innovation, and it's breathtaking. And we’re here for it.

So much so that last week, we held our first Build-a-Thon to put all the tech we’re discovering to work. Participants dove into Python for the first time ever and emerged with a fully functional app in under three hours, thanks to Chat GPT! What?!?!? The apps that we created were incredible, too! Stay tuned because we'll be sharing them here soon.

This week, we're not just talking tech; we're living it. From the AI-driven buzz that's reshaping our digital conversations to the sci-fi-esque leap into controlling our dreams, we're at the forefront of the fast and the fascinating.

Here’s what’s going on…

🗞️ TECH TIDBITS | News & More

🤖 Who needs to code anyway? GPTs are the new DIY project for tech enthusiasts - Welcome to the era of 'I made my own AI over coffee' and what we think is today’s version of the app store gold rush!

📚 Forget 'nepo baby' (huh?), 'deinfluencing', and ‘greedflation’ — In a surprise to no one, 'AI' becomes Collins Dictionary's word of the year after usage quadruples - Seriously, what’s a nepo baby??? 👶

🌙📺 Scientists are close to cracking the code on lucid dreaming. Soon, you might be able to schedule your nightly dreams like Netflix binges. Dream season 1, episode 1, starts tonight!

🥑 You may pick your next avocado from the comfort of your couch! Get ready for Supercharged Supermarkets: AI, AR, and Aisle Innovations: The Grocery Revolution 🛒⚡️

💌 Did you know that SPAM laid the foundation for Blockchain tech? Yeah, we were pretty blown away too! Tracing Mail from Stone Tablets to Starships: The Evolution of Mail

🎧 SONIC BYTES | Listen to This

Can researchers decipher what people are thinking about just by looking at brain scans? 🧠 With AI, they're getting closer. How far can they go, and what does it mean for privacy? 🕵🏼

🤝 MADE POSSIBLE BY | Sponsored By

🚀 Take control of your career journey. Discover Teal – the ultimate career growth platform for professionals like you. With Teal, you get personalized tools and insights to navigate the job market with confidence. From crafting standout resumes to unlocking your network's full potential, Teal is here to help you land your dream job. Sign up for FREE at TealHQ.com!

📺 PIXEL PICKS | Watch This

Ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober created the world’s smallest Nerf gun 🔫 — from DNA 🧬 

🦾 THERE’S AN AI FOR THAT | Your New Dream Team

💼 Imagine a team of employees who never sleep, rarely make mistakes, and evolve with your company’s needs. That's what Lindy does. Building an agent to do work for you is as easy as talking to a teammate: tell them what to do in plain English and invite them to the apps they need.

 Simplify Your Life with Dot, the Ultimate AI Sidekick! It’s an AI that understands you and assists in making every day your best. From organizing your day to nurturing your well-being, Dot is here to help you thrive and enhance your life. And it’s pretty, too! (It’s designed by an Apple alum)

💬 EXPLORERS CLUB | Our Secret Hangout

Things were moving FAST 💨 in the Explorer’s Club this week, with topics ranging from how lava lamps protect the internet, President Biden's executive order on AI, Doritos’ brilliant use of Mar-Tech aimed at gamers, the implications of the latest Chat-GPT release, and so much more!

Get the inside track on tomorrowJoin the Explorer's Club now!

🤓 GEEK OUT | Cool Stuff

🎅🏻 If our Secret Santa is reading this, here’s a hint…


Click the lincoln bye-oh to get your very own Synth-a-Sette Synth-a-Sette built by @MicroKits #music #musician #musiciansoftiktok #indie... See more

🙋‍♂️ Who had an ADAM?


The box size was incredible. #retrocomputer #oldcomputer #vintagecomputer #80snostalgia #genx #80skid #ilovethe80s #retrocommercials

🖨️🏠 Your next house may just be 3D-printed… for real!

📅 LET’S HANG OUT | Upcoming Events

We’re still pumped from our recent build-a-thon (GPT to MVP in 4 hours) and our latest Tech Tuesday Happy Hour! There was definitely some magic going on at both of those!

You won’t want to miss some of our other upcoming events! (Click to dive into details and RSVP!)


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