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  • 🤖 So Many GPTs, So Little Time and Your New Robot Bestie

🤖 So Many GPTs, So Little Time and Your New Robot Bestie

🔮 Purple Horizons Dispatch

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Hey Tech Wizards! 🧙‍♂️

Welcome to the weekly dispatch… This week, we're showcasing some of the coolest OpenAI GPTs we’ve played with, peeking into Neuralink's brainy future, eyeing tech that could make your phone obsolete, and kinda playing six degrees of separation between Thomas Edison and Joe Rogan 🎙️

Get ready, ‘cause it's a tech-packed adventure! 🤖💥

🗞️ TECH TIDBITS | News & More

📲 Is a pin really going to replace your shiny new iPhone? The hype surrounding this new wearable AI device has a lot of people wondering 🤷🏼‍♂️

🤖 2025: The Year Your New Best Friend Might Be a Robot! China's bold vision to make humanoid robots as common as smartphones

👯‍♀️ In the future of healthcare, two of you are better than one! Digital Twins take personalized medicine to the next level 🚑👥

🍲🪰 Waiter, there's a robot in my soup! Discover how tech, robots, and AI apps are cooking up a storm in the casual dining world

🐑 What do 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' and Joe Rogan Have in Common? More than you think... From Edison's first words to the era of streaming and podcasting, the history of audio recording is a wild ride

🎧 SONIC BYTES | Listen to This

🧠 The FDA has given Elon Musk’s brain implant startup, Neuralink, clearance to start messing with people’s heads—and not just figuratively 👀 In this episode, Elon biographer Ashlee Vance shares what he’s learned in over a dozen visits to Neralink’s facilities over the last three years


Since OpenAI released GPTs last week, sleep has become a distant memory – we're too addicted to creating AI assistants! From streamlining business tasks to leveling up personally, these AI creations are our new caffeine ☕️

Here are some of our favorites and some of the ones we’ve built:

👉 Heads up: In order to access these, you need a ChatGPT Plus subscription

🕹️ Retro Adventures and ConsoleGPT: These GPTs allow you to generate full turn-based adventure games. Ready, Player One?

🪧 Logo GPT: Turn that kindergarten-looking sketch into a professional logo quicker than you can say Adobe Illustrator!

😃 Happy Someone: Get your mindset right! Need an affirmation, mantra, or gratitude prompt? This GPT will help you level-up!

💼 Startup Guide: Navigating the startup world? From pitch decks to funding strategies, it's like having a Silicon Valley guru in your pocket 🚀

🇪🇸 One Sentence: Spanish: “Una cerveza por favor!” “Hablas español???” with this GPT you’ll be “ah-blah-ing” Spanish real quick!

💬 Feedback Navigator: Employee reviews driving you mad? This GPT will make the process easy peasy (lemon squeezy🍋)

👍🏼 1:1 Meeting Guru: Transform your one-on-ones from mundane to magnificent! Prep, conduct, and follow up on meetings like a pro. Say goodbye to awkward silences and hello to productivity! 🌟

📆 On This Day: Who do you share a birthday with? This GPT is your personal time capsule, unlocking daily historical gems that shaped our world 🌍

💸 U.S. Tax Bot: Taxes can be tricky, but not with this GPT at your side! It's like having a personal tax consultant offering guidance and insights based on the U.S. Tax Code 🧮

6️⃣ Six Degrees of Separation: How are Shakespeare and Britney Spears connected? Oops, this GPT did it again! 🎤

🤣 Yo Mamma: Yo Mamma is so dumb she needs a Yo Mamma GPT to come up with Yo Mamma jokes! (They burn so good tho’🔥)

Oh yeah, and get this: there are already thousands of these… and a marketplace is coming that is likely to be the next billion-dollar playground. Think of it as the AppStore's cooler, brainier cousin. Looks like there’s about to be some newly minted millionaires pretty soon! 🤑

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📺 PIXEL PICKS | Watch This

These guys turned a boring Alexa Echo device into an animatronic robot! Isn't this what we really want from our technology?

💬 EXPLORERS CLUB | Our Secret Hangout

This week in the Explorer's Club was jam-packed with innovation and excitement! We dove into OpenAI's groundbreaking GPTs, reignited our passion for crypto and web3, warmly welcomed new explorers, delved into the future of humanoid robots, and even got a sneak peek at VR graffiti. It's a tech enthusiast's dream!

Don't miss out on the action – join the Explorer's Club today and be part of the conversation shaping tomorrow! 🚀🌐

🤓 GEEK OUT | Cool Stuff

Tech isn’t always about ones and zeroes or AI and Robots… This is how pills were made in the 18th century


This is how pills were made in the 18th century #history#medicaltiktok#oldoperatingtheatre

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