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  • ⚡️ Speeding and Tech Trippin': AI's Giant Leap & The Grateful Dead's Digital Legacy

⚡️ Speeding and Tech Trippin': AI's Giant Leap & The Grateful Dead's Digital Legacy

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Hey there Explorers!

As if we weren’t moving fast enough, last week, we felt the full acceleration of AI’s face-melting pace.

We saw incredible jaw-dropping product releases from OpenAI, Meta, Google, and others. Then, this week kicked off with Groq, one of the fastest LLMs we’ve ever seen! More on those releases in a minute…

high fidelity 90s GIF

But not all innovation is happening right now. A lot of it has its roots dating back years. Like in the 1970s with one of the most unlikely of players, The Grateful Dead.

Did you know they were instrumental in the development of the MP3? Or one of the first bands on the internet? Neither did we until we discovered just how much they’ve influenced modern tech. You’ll definitely want to go on that trip with us in today’s Dispatch.

Here’s what’s going on…

🗞️ TECH & TRENDS | News & More

🎬 From Text to Hollywood Blockbuster: OpenAI's Sora turns your words into cinematic gold - Will you be the next Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese? Maybe! Just maybe!

📺 Meet the AI that Dreams in Video: Meta’s V-JEPA is an advanced machine intelligence that can learn more like humans do - by watching videos 👀

♊️ Google Just Set the Bar Higher, Again: Google's Gemini 1.5 sets a new standard for AI context with 1 million tokens compared to ChatGPTs 128,000

⚡️ There's a New AI in Town, and It's Fast as F*@k! Groq gives you the answers you need - in less than a second… Take that, ChatGPT! 🖕

💋 Your AI Girlfriend (or Boyfriend) is Stealing Your Data: The unexpected privacy pitfalls of pouring your heart out to an AI significant other

☎️ ‘I love to twirl the cord’: Young people pushing for a landline renaissance as nostalgia tech continues to grow


Did you know the Grateful Dead was on the “internet” before the internet was a thing? They also pioneered modern concert sound, digital rights and licensing, online communities, mail-order ticketing, and MP3s, among other things. Crazy, right?

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