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  • 💸 Spending $10K on digital dates? Tech’s new love affair is pricey! 💋

💸 Spending $10K on digital dates? Tech’s new love affair is pricey! 💋

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Hey there Explorers!

The lines between reality and AI are getting intriguingly blurry.

From forking over a small fortune on AI girlfriends to the possible death of the keyboard (because who needs QWERTY when you can talk?), the future has barged right in, without knocking!

This week, we're diving into Boston Dynamics' latest robot that might outdance you, tinkering with DIY chatbot builders, peeking at AI’s attempts to woo the Hallmark crowd, and seeing how GenAI is reshaping customer insights.

Here’s what’s going on…

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💋 Dropping $10K a month on AI girlfriends? | Tech exec predicts these digital darlings are the next billion-dollar business boom. At those rates, it may be cheaper to have an IRL girlfriend 😉

⌨️ Who needs a keyboard anyway? | According to a lot of big thinkers, thanks to AI, ‘voice’ is likely to become the predominant user interface in the future. Will keyboards soon become obsolete? First cursive and now this??? 😱

🦾 This robot doesn’t f*@k around | Boston Dynamics’ new Atlas humanoid robot is a major advancement in robotics, and is both fascinating and terrifying at the same time! 👀

👷‍♂️ Hey there, Bob the ‘chatbot’ Builder! | Here are 9 DIY chatbot builders to enhance your customer support and marketing. After you’ve built one, send it our way; we’d love to check it out!

❤️ Just a small town AI looking for love | AI is trying its hand at Hallmark movies. Can it steal the spotlight from the undisputed king of rom-com recipes, or will it need a reboot on love?

🍪 That’s the way the cookie crumbles | As consumer spying third-party cookies phase out, generative AI is helping businesses reshape their understanding of user intent. And this could be a win-win for consumers and businesses alike.

🫶 A machine that feels and cares? | How strategically deploying GenAI for emotional connection can simultaneously enhance customer emotional well-being and customer lifetime value.

🤖 Power up your marketing with Vilu | Our voice AI chatbots are crafted to amplify your lead generation, increase sales, and simplify marketing and customer support processes. Kickstart your journey with Vilu now!

📢 Learn how to tell your startup story! | Join Hype Lab and Cooley on May 2nd for a private, complimentary PR Lab, designed just for founders to supercharge your startup’s brand, messaging and reach new customers and investors. Apply here!

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