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  • 💬 The future of UI is conversational... Ask AI and you shall receive!

💬 The future of UI is conversational... Ask AI and you shall receive!

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Hey there Explorers!

Last week, Naval tweeted this gem:

We agree.

The future of UI is conversational.

Your interaction with technology should be as natural as chatting with a friend. 

No keyboard, mouse clicks, or taps needed. Just ask for what you want and you shall receive.

That's where we're headed. 

We’ve been experimenting a lot in this space at Purple Horizons. With projects like Bibi, our AI panel guru, to our innovative event and game master hotlines, we're just getting started on blending voice with AI to revolutionize our interactions with tech and the world around us.

And we’re excited and motivated about the possibilities! And we’re building even more! (More on that really soon!)

In the meantime, today’s issue is an exploration of voice and conversational AI. 

And some of the cool (and not so cool things we’re seeing)

Here’s what’s going on…

🗞️ TECH & TRENDS | News & More

👨🏻‍🏫 “Hey Ed! How’s my kid doing in school?” | The Los Angeles Unified School District has launched a new artificial intelligence platform that gives parents and students a “personal assistant” in the form of a sun-shaped chatbot named “Ed.”

☎️ “Please Hold!” | The average person spends around 40 days of their life on hold! 👀 Vocodia’s conversational AI helps eliminate call center hold times.

💻 Never type, click, tap, or swipe again | Voice-controlled AI gadgets could fix the worst part of using a computer. What if instead of spending time doing stuff on a laptop, you could simply tell an AI to operate it for you?

🎙️ Shaking up the law | Tennessee's ELVIS Act Hits the Right Note Against AI Impersonation, Protecting Artists’ Voices From AI Impersonation. Will we see this expand beyond the music industry?

🐰 Now Shipping | The Rabbit R1, our soon-to-be favorite voice only AI hardware device, starts shipping to the first batch of US buyers next week. Get ready to have some FOMO as the orange devices start popping up everywhere!

👂🏼 Can you hear me now? | This AI-powered wearable “speaks” for people with vocal cord problems. The tiny stamp uses magnetic fields and AI to create a new, non-invasive way to bypass your vocal cords.

📝 Speak that memo into existence | Dictate, edit, and transform documents using natural language. Oh, and its more than 7x more accurate than dictating an email to Apple’s Siri!

🤖 Build a Chatbot for your business - No coding needed | Chatbots, Zapier's newest product, helps you scale your business with personalized chatbots for all kinds of things - lead gen, customer support, employee onboarding, and more. Need someone to build one for you? Email us. We can help!

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