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  • 🤔💥 Wait, Are We Betting Too Big on AI? Experts are weighing in...

🤔💥 Wait, Are We Betting Too Big on AI? Experts are weighing in...

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Hey there Explorers!

As AI zooms to dizzying heights, it’s giving some experts serious Pets.com vibes.

Is this the precursor to another tech bubble burst, or are we witnessing a genuine revolution that can’t be stopped?

This week, we look into the parallels with the dot-com era, bring you the latest AI trends, and, of course, some quirky stories from the tech world 🤪

Here’s what’s going on…

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💥 Wait, Are We Betting Too Big on AI? | Experts are warning that AI’s meteoric rise is eerily similar to a different — and significant — moment in economic history: the dot com bubble… Will this bubble pop, too?

📶 Signal over Noise | Deloitte’s latest Tech Trends report highlights six tech trends you can't ignore to keep your strategy sharp, your tech solid, and your team creative in the age of AI.

🤦‍♂️ Please…don’t be this guy | School athletic director arrested for allegedly using A.I. to impersonate voice of principal.

💡 Thomas Edison, your next CTO | A company in Singapore has revived famed computer scientist Alan Turing as a chatbot and appointed "him" as its "chief AI officer." — The internet is not happy 🤬

🖨️ Level 99 3D printing unlocked | This guy uses a 3D pen to create some of the most incredible (and sometimes useful) things you’ve ever seen! Like this crazy camera case!

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